Educational Aids

Educational Aids

Smart Class Rooms

We are using Smart classes at our school -A digital initiative by TATA CLASS EDGE . Smart class is surely transforming the way the teachers teach and the students learn in school these days . It's a new age technology movement that is fast becoming an imperative for schools. After introducing TATA CLASSEDGE smart classes at the school it has improved teacher effectiveness and productivity in class. It has brought about abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life inside classrooms.


The library has a good collection of books on a whole range of subjects like arts, literature, science, fiction and general knowledge. Students are encouraged to make use of this facility extensively and develop the habit of reading good books. Regular assignments by teachers ensure that students visit the library and use it as a research base.

Science Laboratory

A well equipped laboratory facilitates students to learn through practical investigations, developing skills of observing, comparing, predicting, testing, communicating and recording. Students are encouraged to discover the basic principles governing the various wonders and facets of nature's processes.

Maths Laboratory

Mathematics is said to be the science of logic. Over the years we have found that many students develop a phobia for this otherwise fascinating, interesting and important subject. Having realized this, we have setup a Math Laboratory recently so that students can learn the fundamentals of Mathematics through the methodology of activity based learning.

Art & Music

International School has a full-fledged Art, Dance, and Music section not only with the most capable and trained maestros in these fields to train students but also some of the finest and most modern and state of the art instruments.

Toy Room

Every child needs a special, magical place: a corner of the world (or at least the house) where he can escape, have fun, and rule his tiny kingdom. And this place is the toy room. The toy room becomes his sanctuary. He is surrounded by everything he loves, and has complete control over what happens within the walls of the toy room. Does he play with the blocks or the ball? Will he read a book or paint? Nobody can tell him what to do. Child psychologists also believe that a toy room can help him become more independent, since it encourages him to make small but simple decisions without mom and dad hovering over his shoulder.