Extra Curricular Activity

Extra Curricular Activities


We understand the interdependence of health, knowledge, socialization and emotional health and give importance to a well-balanced programme of physical education to complement our academics and make our children, fit, healthy, and strong. International School conducts regular exercises and age appropriate physical education sessions to develop over all fitness and stamina. Qualified coaches give specialized training for different games and fitness programmes.
Our school has excellent facilities for both indoor and outdoor activities. Along with fully equipped playground for small children and Badminton Court, the school also uses nearby mini sports stadium for athletics, a training Basket Ball court,Volley Ball court, and lush green play field. Physical Education is compulsory for all students and they are encouraged to participate regularly.

Clubs & Activities

Science Club

The Science Club fuels the wonder and joy of learning the intricacies of the varied world of Science through hand-on activities and fun projects. The students can explore Science as a branch of Knowledge that is both creative and challenging.

Mathematics Club

Let's have fun with numbers. The mission of the Math Club is to promote enthusiasm and interest in mathematics. This is accomplished by exposing students to hitherto unexplored and exciting branches of math in a casual, friendly, and fun atmosphere.

The Debating Club

It is a formal method of interactive and position representational argument. Debate is a broader form of argument than mere discussion. Though logical consistency, factual accuracy as well as some emotional appeal to audience are important elements of the art of persuasion, in debating, one side often prevails over the other side by presenting facts not only superior in quality but also in a way that is more acceptable.

Quiz Club

The Quiz activity aims at enhancing the general awareness of school students and to prepare them for inter- house and inter- school quiz competitions .Each session will be based on a specific topic .At the end of the term , most areas of interest like Literature , sports , current affairs , environment , Science and brain teasers could be covered .Students will also be involved in designing and organising quizzes .Once a month ,a quiz competition will be conducted by each group on the topic covered in that month An - end -of- the- session quiz will be the culminating activity.

Literary Club

Join hands with those who are interested in reading, sharing and appreciating the written form of art. This is a place to share your thoughts, suggest a book and enrich others and you are enriched yourself.

Environment Club

The club will discuss/find ways to make a difference to the environment. They will also create awareness about environmental issues through posters and newsletters. They will go on field trips to discover the wonders of nature. If possible, they will also watch documentaries/clips on different facets of the environment.


It is the art of beautiful writing. A contemporary definition of calligraphic practice is "the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious and skillful manner". Acquiring this skill will help students to better their handwriting abilities as well as equip them for aesthetic work both within and beyond the curriculum.

Community Service

Social service has been an integral part of The International School since its inception. Children must be made aware of the pain and suffering in the world around them and develop a spirit of social responsibility from a young age. To sensitize them to the needs of the less privileged people in the society many awareness activities are organized in and out of school.


International School is an active member in Indian Red Cross Society , Rotaract Association in Rotary International and International school is a active member of Science Olympaid Foundation and RoboGenius. The school is also a active participant of united nation school organization quiz competitions, affiliated to UNESCO to promote the cause of competitive spirit and to develop wisdom and universal brotherhood. Our School has full fledged wing of Bharat Scouts and Guides.