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Notice Board

Notice Board

Duty of a Teacher


The Class Teacher should go to their respective classes immediately on reaching the school. The time allotted as the Class Teacher’s period should be utilized for taking attendance, checking the uniform and general building of rapport with the students. The Class Teacher is a guide, mentor and confidante for the Class Students. The Class Teacher should take care of the following:

  1. (a) Fill up the Class Attendance Register in the Class Teachers period.
  2. Write the date on the left hand corner of the chalkboard. In senior classes (III onwards) the children must be given the duty of doing so, in Hindi as well as in English.

2.Maintain the Class Report Cards, Consolidated Mark Lists, Mark Registers, PTA Registers and Class Records.

3. The Class Records is to be submitted to the respective Co-ordinates every Friday.

4. Class Teacher to ensure the cleanliness of the class through the students.

5. ASSEMBLIES: The Class Teacher should accompany the class to the assembly.


(a) Check the cleanliness and hygiene of the children. Nails, Hair, uniform, etc.must be checked.

(b) The uniform should be checked every day. Entries need to be made for every lapse. If a child does not conform even 3 lapses he/she may be sent back home.

(c) The students should not be allowed to wear wrist watch/ jewellary (exception-ear rings for girls). In case of a lapse, confiscate it and hand it over to the parents on P.T. Meeting days.

7.(a) Change the seating of children every Monday by rotation. The children right in front can move back one place and the last ones can come right in front.

(b) Delegate and make out a duty list of various duties in a classroom e.g. switching on/off lights/fans, ensuring cleanliness etc. and allocates them to the children, taking into consideration rotation of duties, responsibilities for class furniture and equipment. Inform the authorities in writing in case of any Loss/Damage.

8. Check the personal data on the 1st day of the term in the Almanac and also regularly check the Almanac, including the pages, for any messages from parents, leave application etc.


                    The Class Teacher should ensure that each child gets the circulars and necessary information from time to time. In case of absence the name of the child should be written on the circular and be given the next day.


10. The Class Teacher is expected to keep a record of achievers excelling in various fields.

11. Absence:

(a) If a child is absent for more than 3 days it should be brought to the notice of the respective coordinator/Principal in writing and also a note should be sent to parents asking them to come and meet the Principal.

(b) In case a child is absent for any of the terminal examination, the Principal should be immediately informed of the same. A note should go to the parent asking them to come and meet the Principal.



  1. Admission No. to be written as per record.
  2. Total No. of meetings present for each child every month to be written at the end in the space provided.
  3. No. of meetings present to be carried over to the next month.
  4. Route No’s of the student ‘s using school transport must be written with blue ink and for non users “W” , to specify walkers to be used.
  5. When a child is absent, mark “a” in red color and if present mark “P” in blue color.
  6. Holidays and Sundays should be written in red.
  7. When a child is absent and returns after 5 or more days without a note, the Class Teacher should send a written note in the Almanac to the parents duly signed and also inform the respective coordinator/Principal.
  8. When a child is absent very often, the Class Teacher should bring it to the notice of the Coordinator/Head of the School.
  9. The Leave Applications are to be retained by the Class Teacher. They may be asked to produce the applications when required.
  10. When a child is absent over a very long period ( One month or more ) – ( reason may be any ) the Photostat copy of the application will go into the child’s dossier. This application will go into the dossiers as well as sent to the respective coordinator/Principal with a note.
  11. In case of “withdrawal”-draw a line in red ink across the name of the child to the end and write withdrawn. The initial of the Class Teacher to be put.
  12. The register has to be submitted on the last day of every month to respective coordinator.
  13. It will be considered a “Lapse” on the part of the Class Teacher if the proper entries aren’t made and the Register is not submitted on time.
  14. No. of meetings –previous and present-total and Average Attendance to be shown.
  15. Total no. of Bus Users and NB- users to be shown.
  16. All attendance registers to be submitted to the S.O after marking the attendance every day.




(Especially New Teachers)

  1. Give a joining report at the office on the day you join.
  2. Maintain a cordial, friendly relationship with the teacher and treat school as your second home.
  3. Also check on the House you are going to be in and meet your House Mistress, If you are teaching classes 2 onwards.
  4. Give the bus no. you are going to travel in at the reception and personal details also e.g. telephone/address.
  5. In the morning when you come in, punch your card or finger for attendance.
  6. Note your Time Table and adhere to it. In case of clarification, please refer to coordinator.
  7. Please contact the respective coordinators regarding other duties.
  8. Introduce yourself to the class.
  9. Meet your incharge regarding duties in the Assembly/ Attendance Registers etc.
  10. Accompany your class to the Assembly/activities to and fro. Attendance should be taken in the class teacher’s period.
  11. All assemblies to start as per school timing. The teacher should be their with the class throughout.
  12. In case you are taking Games/Library period of a class, please escort the children to the respective place and be there with them.
  13. Please meet your subject head/coordinator regarding any academic problem/lesson plan/ teacher diaries/ activities/worksheets etc.
  14. There should be co-ordination between teachers of the same class.
  15. Home-work and class work should be checked regularly and carefully.
  16. Take SUBSTITUTION seriously and go to your classes on time.
  17. Stay in your Deptt./ room in your free period and prepare for the next, class. Do not involve yourself in unnecessary gossip.
  18. The following records should be maintained by all teachers:
  1. Marks Registers.                                                        b. Class Record Entries.
  1. Remember Corporal Punishment is an offence and can have serious legal implications. So please be careful. Remember you can get work done by kindness and understanding, rather than by force.
  2. You are not allowed to carry mobile phone. If at all there is an emergency, you may use the phone at the reception after permission.
  3. In case you are taking half day leave or being sent on an official trip from school during the school hours please inform the reception/substitution Incharge in the morning itself.
  4. In case you want to leave, give at least three month notice, otherwise you lose one month salary.
  5. In case any subject teacher takes extra period during Assembly time, he/she must inform to the concern co-ordinator/Principal.
  6. Please note that on Unit Test days, the test should start immediately after attendance. Concerned teachers to keep the papers ready one week in advance. All papers to be handed over to Examination Incharge.
  7. House Competitions and House Meetings will be held as per the Activity Calendar in the periods assigned. The venue /rules of the House Competitions can be taken from the event coordinator.
  8. Special assemblies will be conducted by the designated class. The discipline and checking of uniform will be the responsibility of the Class Teacher.
  9. All the records i.e. teacher’s diary, marks register, etc. are to be submitted to the subject coordinators/respective coordinators as desired by the respective coordinators.
  10. All teachers are expected to adhere to the deadlines given to them by the school authorities for the completion/submission of work assigned.
  11. All teachers are expected to ensure the discipline in corridors and staircase.
  12. Teachers should ensure that appropriate follow up action be taken against the defaulters.
  13. It is the moral duty of teachers to inculcate civic sense amongst the students.
  14. Form teachers are required to check the strength of the class and ensure that all the students are present during the class.
  15. Submission of U.T. marks should be ensured within a week.
  16. Before starting any lesson, the teachers must insist that text-books of the concerned subject are out on the desks only they should begin to teach.
  17. Lesson must be planned in advance in the teacher’s dairy as per the rules given in Teacher’s dairy.
  18. Teaching aids must be used to make the lesson interesting. Black/Green boards must be used while teaching.
  19. Checking work must be undertaken regularly and carefully and students must be asked to do corrections, if necessary.
  20. Note-books collected for corrections and text books issued from the library to the teachers must be kept in the locker for safe custody.
  21. All teachers should lay emphasis on good hand-writing in Languages and students should be asked to underline the titles and sub-titles of the answers.
  22. Correct strokes in writing of different alphabets should be practiced by the teacher to maintain uniformity in writing.
  23. a) Medium of Instruction in the school being English, speaking in English must be implemented with missionary zeal.

b) Teachers must ensure that students speak even if it is wrong in the beginning, in English only (in class or otherwise) so that they can start speaking in English without hesitation. Accuracy will come slowly.

  1. Class-rooms must be done –up properly to look interesting, attractive and educative. Students should be taught to keep their class-rooms tidy at all times. No papers or any thing should be thrown in the class.
  2. The students must be advised to stand up and wish when the Director/Principal/Teacher/any visitor enters the class room.
  3. Discipline in the class-room is of utmost importance. Teachers must maintain reasonable distance from the students and ensure self discipline.
  4. Students should be taught to respect the teachers and senior students while moving about in the corridors. They must make way and wish the Teachers/Seniors etc.
  5. Teachers must be assertive enough to enforce a sense of discipline in the class-room. Cases of indiscipline beyond teacher’s control must be reported to the Principal.
  6. In case of noise or indiscipline in the neighbouring class, prompt action by the nearest teacher must be taken. Indiscipline, at no time and under no circumstances, should be tolerated.
  7. During change of periods, minimum time should be taken in moving from one class to another.
  8. Cleanliness of the school compound is essential. While moving, if any paper or wrapper is found, it should be got removed by the students. Students must be given moral lessons and made aware of the cleanliness of the school.
  9. Teacher’s dress and turn out should always be smart, sober and dignified. Teachers must wear formal dress always.
  10. All the teachers must be very loyal and have a sense of belongingness towards the institution.
  11. All extra duties should be done without missing the teaching periods.
  12. Students Dairies must be properly checked by the teachers. Subject teachers are to sign ahead of their respective subject notes.
  13. In case a student is let off for the second half of the day by the permission of the class teacher after getting the application supported by the parent’s signature and after the approval of the Principal, class teacher must mark Leave (L) at the second meeting column of the attendance register.
  14. No student be let off in the school hours without the permission of the Principal.
  15. No student be let off from the class room without a out-pass, letting off the students in the First and Last periods to be strictly banned.
  16. Leave Rules and Procedure:
  1. Teachers must seek prior sanction of leave equal to the days applied for.
  2. Teachers can avail fifteen days casual leave in a year. Those, who take less than fifteen days casual leaves, be reimbursed for the remaining days.
  3. Late arrivals shall be marked in red and for three red marks, one day salary shall be deducted.
  4. Four short leaves not exceeding one hour each, will be counted as one casual leave.
  5. Continuous Three days unauthorized absence means an automatic termination.
  6. Teachers availing leave for more than fifteen days shall have to provide a suitable substitute of equal or with higher qualification.
  7. A written application is essential for sanctioning of leave. Leave application is to be routed through Incharge Time Table Arrangement for recommendation and shall be sanctioned by the Principal.
  8. Not more than one paid casual leave in one month shall be sanctioned to a probationer for the first three months of the service.

House duties

  1. All the teachers will be allotted a house (Teachers teaching classes 2 onwards).
  2. It is the duty of all teachers to perform their duties-during the break, assembly time and dispersal.
  3. House In charge must maintain list of students of their respective house. ( House Register)
  4. Any special achievements/participation in any activity should be entered in the register.
  5. Awards/Prizes won by the children in the competitions should be entered.
  6. All the house meetings should be properly organized by the teachers.
  7. Please organize competitions (Based on Calendar) during the house meetings, to identify the talent. Each child should get an opportunity to participate in the competition. Please do not send a selected few children all the time.
  8. Children to be prepared for the various house competitions, talks, news, during House Meetings. The House Mistress/Tutor should train and guide students, after school also, if need be.
  9. Names of the participants to reach the competition Incharge or event coordinator in advance.
  10. Chance should be given to all the children. Try not to repeat the same participants.
  11. The teachers should instill the “HOUSE SPIRIT” and a sense of belongingness.
  12. Assembly Registers to be filled up without delay.



Use of english as well as Teaching Aids in the class rooms



It is to remind all subject teachers that this school is an English medium school and parents as well as management expect them to use English as primary language, they must communicate in English with students as much as possible.

Moreover, it has been observed that no teaching Aids are being used by teachers in the class rooms. They are directed to use charts or smart classes time to time.

Any issues regarding smart classes will be resolved by Mr. Shahid.




Half Day

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow,Wednesday i.e 20th of April, 2022 will be a half day for the students . The departure time for the students will be 12:00 PM.

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