General Information

General Information


It is an interesting beginning of the day's schedule starting with prayer followed by songs, quiz, music and informative speeches. On the whole, 25 minutes morning assembly creates a high sense of curiosity and motivates students for a better interaction and learning.

School Year

The Academic year of the School is from April to March.

School Hours

8.00 AM to 2.00 PM (Summer) 9.00 AM to 3.00 PM (Winter).


Second Saturday and last working day of the month shall be holiday for the students. A list of the school holidays is available in the school calendar provided to the students at the time of admission.


Every pupil must have an attendance of minimum 85% to become eligible for promotion to the next higher class. 10% of attendance may be condoned on medical grounds by Principal.

Parental Co-operation

Parents are requested to send their wards regularly to school in time and in complete, neat uniform. They are requested to check for ward's home work and diary entry regularly and sign them. Parents are requested not to meet the teachers directly or go to the class rooms.


All correspondence regarding students shall be sent to the Principal. The person who corresponds must necessarily be the parent or guardian. The School will not recognise or entertain discussion with any other person concerning the student. In the matters of discipline, school activities and admissions, the decision of the School Management shall be final and binding. School diaries and school online software are effective communicative methods. Parents and students have been provided with Login ID and password to access the academic details of the student and mail any sort of complaint, appreciation or query.

Parents Teacher Meet

Monthly Parents - Teacher meetings are held for the benefit of parents and students.