School Curriculum

School Curriculum


The school, has evolved curricular development wing consisting of educationists of repute who consistently work to evolve the curricular best suited to the demands of time without sacrificing the J&K BOSE syllabi: educational quality assurance concept- workable only in a few institutions of repute in the country opens a novel vistas to plan and specify broad parameters for over all academic excellence of students. And with this, great emphasis is laid down on the moral, physical, mental, cultural, ethical development for the social transformation is hard to realize without a valuable asset in the guest of a proper children. Programmes of academic excellence have been and are being pursued vigorously in the school campus.

Teaching Faculty

It is fortunate that the school has the patronage of a team - dedicated, versatile and exploring. The staff of the school is exhibiting the utmost dedication and devotion in fostering a spirit of comaradie which is being witnessed in the form of all round development of the students of the school.

Curriculum Pattern

For proper functioning , the school has been divided into following academic sections:

Pre-Primary Section: - Pre-Nursery, Nursery, LKG and UKG

The Pre-Primary stage is the foundation of every child's basic education. At this stage, the child is introduced to the basic skills of learning through play-way method. The subjects taught will be English, Number Work, Hindi or Urdu. Environment Science is introduced in the Upper kindergarten section. Environment Awareness will be given through discussion, project work, demonstration and excursions.

A lot of emphasis is given on the Creative Arts and Physical Education, Dance etc. Children are also introduced to smart class rooms which combine computer integrated learning with 3-D manipulations to enhance learning. The child adopts himself to the school environment and is nurtured to adjust with the surroundings and peer group. This propels his learning skills and enables him to develop a spirit to curiosity which is the key to learning.

Primary Section: -Std I to V

The child is now familiar with the school environment and is exposed to more formal ways of learning and testing. The subjects taught are English, Hindi/Urdu, Math, EVS, Computers, Dance, Painting, optional language subjects, Martial Arts, Other Sports, etc.

Secondary Section: -Std. VI to X

The prescribed syllabi of J&K Board form the basis of the curriculum at this stage. Students are exposed to a wide spectrum of knowledge which revolve around the basic syllabi. Project work, smart class room learning, hand-on experience, excursions and visiting dignitaries help to enhance the students form a good foundation which helps them to pursue further studies. The subjects taught are English, Hindi, Math, General Science, Social studies, Computers, Arts and craft, sports, etc.

Senior Secondary Section: - Std. XI and XII

This is a specialized stage in a student's academic life. They now choose subjects which will help them to take up courses in college/ university to prepare them for their future careers. The student has a choice of studying four optional subjects with English core being compulsory. The subjects offered include Hindi, Urdu, Accountancy, Business Studies, Commerce, Economics, Enterpreneurship, Mathematics, physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Computer Science, Education, Sociology, Home Science, Fine Arts, Geography, History, Political Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Environmental Science, Information Technology and Physical Education.

Academic Year

The academic year consists of two terms and three units consisting of unit 1, unit 2, term 1, unit 3 and term 2 from April to March.

Student Evaluation & Examinations

To improve the academic performance of students in primary and secondary levels, Fortnightly assignment tests are conducted in all subjects. Three Unit Tests are conducted per academic year, other than the Terminal Examinations. Project works are assigned to the students in a year and some % weightage is given to it, to enhance the academic skill. Teaching in pre-primary classes is by play way method. Teachers are specialized in their subjects to teach various subjects.